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Tickets for Upcoming Performances

The Why Collective is presenting a series of performances and workshops this spring. See below for details!

The Smallest Sound in the Smallest Space Staged Reading

The Smallest Sound, in the Smallest Space  is an operatic play in its second iteration with The Why Collective. It follows four different University voice students participating in an investigation into the behavior of their teacher, Kent Randall, who has been publicly accused of sexual assault.

Smallest Sound was written and conceived by Bryce McClendon, and directed by Katy Early.
Learn more about this project.

Performance is May 30th at 8pm


Clark Studio Theater, Lincoln Center 

(7th Floor of the Rose Building, W. 65th St and Amsterdam)

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For Love is Strong: a happening

"Happenings" date back to 1960s NYC when artists combined elements of dance, theater, music, poetry, and visual art to blur the boundaries between life and art and forge a path for new methods of artistic practice. Our very own happening featured excerpts from our current works in progress, and participatory art installations exploring infinite ways to try and capture the strength of Love in words, sounds, movement, and color. 


This event served as a fundraiser for TWC's projects in development, as well as for UNRWA.

While the event has passed, we're still selling prints of the artwork done on site during the event by Michael Arthur. Click the link below to learn more!

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