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Smallest Sound follows four different University voice students participating in an investigation into the behavior of their teacher, Kent Randall, who has been publicly accused of sexual assault. As a representative from the University Office of Institutional Compliance interviews four of the professor's students, their lessons overlay the conversations, combining reality, memory, and imagination as illustrations of Kent's influence over their memories and testimonies. The play lives into the dissonance between the personal discovery and processing of an experience of trauma, and the responsibility to represent that trauma to an investigative body concurrently. 

Cast & Creative Team


Shah Motia: Kent Randall

Shelly Lynn Walsh: The Compliance Officer

Alexander J. Rodriguez: Lee

Rachel Policar: Lizzy

Ai Chaim Ra: Jarrett, Kent u/s

Heather Jones: Brittain

Morgan Mastrangelo: Michael

Nathaniel LaNasa: Mel

Savannah Bergli, Daniela

Mary-Angela Granberry: The Compliance Officer u/s

Roberto Colon: Michael u/s

Sophie Delphis: Brittain u/s (performing Saturday 3/4 at 2:00pm)

Sebastian Armendariz: Lee u/s

Creative Team

Bryce McClendon, Playwright

Katy Early, Director

Nathaniel LaNasa, Music Director

Givens Parr, Dramaturg, Cover Art Painter

Julian Wild, Director of Production/Lighting & Sound Design

Roberto Colon, Assistant Stage Manager/Assistant Director

Sydney Anderson, Executive Producer/Stage Manager 

Conversation with playwright,
Bryce McClendon and director, Katy Early

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