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Julian Wild

Production Manager

Singer-Songwriter/Actor: Getting High With the Family That You Chose, Composer/Co-Curator: Mixt:A Living Gallery, Featured Musician/ Stage Manager: Vexations in Time (Anita’s Way) & Vexations in Time (the cell)

Julian is an all-around music, theater, and creativity wizard-ninja. He’s a production manager and creative consultant for experimental and devised works. Juls is also a Life Coach for creative professionals, hobbyists, and dreamers the world-over through his service Let Me Help You Love You (dot com). Through this work, he seeks to make our systems, our households, and even our own minds more accepting and healthy places for people to be themselves. Julian’s greatest love in life is writing, performing, and manifesting music. An award-winning songwriter and producer, he is an audio engineer at the National Opera Center in Manhattan and runs his own private production service Wild Humans Studios, where he creates and publishes original recorded art under the moniker Julian Wild. You can support him directly by becoming a patron at and by streaming and sharing his work on all music platforms. You can find him online at and say hello on any social media sites @actualjulian

Julian Wild
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